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Commission Post

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:

:bulletyellow:I DRAW IN MY OWN STYLE ONLY!:bulletyellow:

:bulletyellow:I can draw:
:damphyr: My original Character
:damphyr: Your original Character
:damphyr: Green Day's members
:damphyr: Other Fan arts
:damphyr: Yaoi, slash and p0rn
:damphyr: Steampunk

:bulletyellow:I cant't draw:
:damphyr: Yuri and hentai
:damphyr: Land and paesaggistic place
:damphyr: Manga style

:bulletyellow:ONE: choose the type of your commission:bulletyellow:

:damphyr:TYPE OF WORKS:damphyr:

:bulletgreen: BLACK AND WHITE LINEART - 8$ (USD) (no background)

:bulletgreen: BLACK AND WHITE WITH COLOR - 10$ (USD) (no background)

:bulletgreen: CHIBI STRIPES - 3$ (USD) (no background)

:bulletgreen: PENCIL PORTRAITS - 15$ (USD)

:bulletgreen: PORTRAITS COLORED - 20$ (USD) (no background)

:bulletgreen: PORTRAITS COLORED TWO CHARACTER - 25$ (USD) (no background)

:bulletgreen: SCENE - 30$ (USD)

:bulletgreen: BOOK COVER - 70$ (USD)

:bulletyellow:TWO: send me a note:bulletyellow:

:damphyr: Please, specify:
-your email
-the characters (with the link of some references)
-ALL details

:bulletyellow:THREE: Pay in advance!:bulletyellow:

My PayPal Account: queenseptienna@gmail.com

:damphyr: My works are only available in digital format (JPEG, PNG, PSD or PDF);
:damphyr: I accept payment only by PAYPAL;
:damphyr: I will put the ultimate work on DeviantART and my website Gallery;
:damphyr: If you want PRIVATE works (which will not be shared on DA), you must pay a surplus price consists in $30 (not for book cover).
:damphyr: I will send you a note back with the confirmation.
Every work may take 6 or 7 weeks.

My tools:

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