January 16th, 2010

Kurt Russell

[Pimping] Green Day Artist Community

Hi everybody!

When I asked you if you’d like to join a Green Day community outside DeviantArt with a poll, I didn’t expect to have such an agreement! I’m so happy!

That said, THIS is our new home: Livejournal.

To partecipate you only have to create your Livejournal account and join the community. Read the rules and then you can start posting here your works!

The name of community is GREEN DAY ARTIST!


Remember to comment on THIS post to receive your author tag.

So now this is our little home!

Hope all of you will enjoy yourselves…

"They should legalize pot, do it!! Do it!!" Tré Cool

A huge thank to cuorefreddo, who helped me to translate in English all these things. You know me, I’m a deeply ignorant Italian girl! XD

Please let me know if there are some mistakes (unfortunately cuorefreddo isn’t unfailing - she is still working on that). :D